The CAJUNDOME recognizes the needs of guests with disabilities, as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The CAJUNDOME continues to make every effort to comply with state and federal accessibility regulations and accommodate guests with disabilities.

You may reach a CAJUNDOME Facility Services representative at 337-265-2100 during normal business hours. Please call to discuss your specific needs.

Accessible Seating
The CAJUNDOME offers accessible seating locations.
The following are tips that will assist you with purchasing accessible seats for your next visit:

  • When purchasing tickets in person or by telephone for a CAJUNDOME event, inform the CAJUNDOME or Ticketmaster representative that you need to purchase accessible seating. Accessible seating is available for wheelchair, limited mobility patrons. Please be specific in the type of seating that you require
  • When purchasing tickets via, please click on the “Request Accessible Tickets” icon on the event page (pictured below).


  • This will create an email that will be sent to Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster will then have someone contact you directly regarding your purchase. When the transaction is completed, please verify the seating location for accuracy.
  • Accessible seating is located at the top of Sections 108-112  and 120-124.  Availability may vary depending on the event.

Accessible Parking

  • Parking spaces for disabled guests are located in all areas of the CAJUNDOME Parking lots as well as the CajunField Parking Lots. Accessible parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. The vehicle must display a disabled parking placard or license plate. 
  • CAJUNDOME offers a drop-off and pick-up area at Gate 12 on Reinhardt Drive/Souvenir Gate next to the Convention Center. Limousines, buses and cars will be allowed to drop-off and pick-up in this area. For a map of the CAJUNDOME Lots, please visit our Directions/Parking page. 
  • For all parking inquiries please call us at 337-265-2100 or 337-265-2121.

 Accessible Restrooms

  • Restrooms are located throughout CAJUNDOME for your convenience. All restrooms meet or exceed ADA specifications. All public restrooms are wheelchair accessible. 

More Accessible Services

  • The elevators are available to our wheelchair, limited mobility and Suite Patrons. They are located on the East and West side of the arena and are accessible on the Main Concourse as well as the Upper Concourse.  The South side elevator is only accessible from the Upper Concourse.
  • Escalators are available to provide easy access to all levels. Escalators are located on the far left and far right of the Main Lobby and go all the way to the Upper Concourse.
  • The CAJUNDOME can provide sign language interpretation for guests with hearing disabilities. Requests for this service must be received 15 business days prior to the event and be approved by the performer. For details, please call us at 337-265-2100 or 337-265-2121.
  • Wheelchair escorts are provided through Facility Services. Please ask any CAJUNDOME Employee for assistance. To arrange services in advance please call Facility Services at 337-265-2121.
  • The CAJUNDOME can provide hearing devices for patrons that are hearing impaired. For details, please call us at 337-265-2100 or 337-265-2121.
  • Service Animals, such as Seeing Eye dogs, are permitted and must be approved by the Event Services Department a minimum of 14 days prior to an event. All animals must be kept under control at all times and on a leash. The owner must take full responsibility of his/her animal and the CAJUNDOME reserves the right to request removal of the animal for noncompliance. To arrange services in advance please call Facility Services at 337-265-2121.